Empowering European citizens

through a more ethical, inclusive and sustainable European digital ecosystem

Enriching education

We collaborate with educational centers by teaching classes on digital ethics, digital inclusion and sustainable business. We also promote new educational models that are better adapted to the needs of the society and the labor market.

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Katrin at TEDx
Priyanka at Nordic Business

Empowering professionals

We collaborate with companies to provide training to their professionals on digital ethics, digital inclusion and sustainable business, thus giving them the necessary tools to increase the chances of having a positive impact on society.

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Enabling change

We influence the positive change of digital legislation based on ethical, inclusive and sustainable values, to empower citizens and contribute to a better society.

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Carlos at WIADBCN

our vision


The European Digital Society association was born from the latent interest in evolving the European digital ecosystem towards one that safeguards the concerns and needs of its citizens while respecting the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs), thereby creating a globally leading, long-term sustainable, ethical and inclusive European digital ecosystem.

In an increasingly interconnected and technology dependent society, a smart and healthy digital ecosystem that works to empower its citizens is key to achieving an ethical and inclusive socio-economic system.

We have positioned the interests of the European society at the center of all our activities, which are grouped into three different areas: education, labor market and digital legislation, all transversally backed by the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs).

1 // Education

European Digital Society promotes the pan-European digital transformation through educational reach and access to ethical values, inclusiveness and emerging technologies for all but specifically focused on future professionals in the technology field.

We collaborate with educational institutions to enrich the overall educational itineraries by providing expert advice, training material and independent training personnel, with the aim of equipping future professionals in the technology sector and beyond with the tools and methodologies necessary to have a positive impact on society.

2 // Labor Market

European Digital Society promotes the pan-European digital transformation by hosting and participating in technology community events that promote the acceleration and development of the European digital ecosystem towards a more innovative, resilient, ethical and inclusive model.

We host and participate in events and conferences across Europe's technology clusters and communities. We are present in the main European technology hubs to promote and facilitate the exchange of knowledge that enables the development of citizen-centered business models that respect and further drive the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3 // Digital Legislation

The European Digital Society promotes the pan-European digital transformation by advising policy makers and decision makers on digital legislation, as well as actively participating in discussions with other key actors involved in shaping European digital legislation.

We are actively involved in the groups in charge of legislative creation, decision making and influencers in the field of digital legislation in Brussels (Belgium) as well as in a number of countries where we operate. We strive to facilitate advice, dialogue and support to leaders and agents in charge of digital legislation, acting as intermediaries between them and the relevant actors across different European technology hubs, as well as hosting and participating in events, workshops and round tables. We also carry out innovative joint projects with public institutions, non-profit associations and private companies.

The Board

Carlos Pons

Carlos Pons

Founder & President
(Brussels, Belgium)

Self-taught technology professional with almost a decade of experience in user-centric digital business development. International speaker highly committed to the field of digital ethics and inclusion. Currently working on digital transformation at the Council of the European Union.

Luis Marcos

Luis Marcos

Vice President &
City Ambassador of Geneva
(Geneva, Switzerland)

Digital Transformation Leader with more than 20 years of cross-functional and cross-industry business experience in the Consumer Services (CPG, Manufacturing, Retail), Strategic Consulting and Products Manufacturing & Distribution business in multinational and multicultural environments. For the past 15 years he has been invited as a keynote speaker at several major European conferences.

Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee

Vice President &
City Ambassador of Helsinki
(Helsinki, Finland)

CEO and Co-founder of BusinessWiz Oy as well as a Diversity & Inclusion coach helping organizations to create a more diverse and inclusive future of work. She is a keynote speaker and has shared her voice on many platforms raising awareness about the benefits of diversity and the ways to create an inclusive society.


Katrin-Cécile Ziegler

Katrin-Cécile Ziegler

Ambassador of Germany

Economist and journalist, multiple media prize winner and expert on Digitization, who worked many years as a leader for different industry sectors. Guest lecturer for digital ethics at the University of Applied Sciences in Business, Zurich Swiss (HWZ) and a popular host and TEDxSpeaker for digital events, booked by various ministries and DAX Companies.

Roberto Fernández

Roberto Fernández

City Ambassador of Madrid
(Madrid, Spain)

Global Head of Blockchain and Digital Ecosystems with more than 19 years of professional experience in business development, innovation and strategy. He teaches about blockchain at numerous universities, he has spoken at many international conferences and he’s co-author of the book "Blockchain: the industrial revolution of Internet".

Luciana Carvalho

Luciana Carvalho

City Ambassador of Berlin
(Berlin, Germany)

Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator and tech evangelist, Luciana is the co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer of MindCheck — an early stage mental health tech startup — as well as a XR specialist and startup mentor at NOVA Co-Innovation Lab. Passionate about purposeful, conscious-driven tech and its impact on humanity.

Dimitris Panopoulos

Jaime Quesado

City Ambassador of Lisbon
(Lisbon, Portugal)

Economist, writer and MBA by the University of Oporto with 30 years of professional experience in management functions in several organizations and projects from both public and private sectors. He's specialized in innovation and competitiveness and is currently coordinating several European and national projects in Portugal in the area of digital transformation and sustainability.

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